Sunday morning attendance is between 100 and 125 people. Dress trends toward casual.

Beginning On Sunday morning at 9:15am we come together for Sunday School in which we learn about God’s Word. Following that, we begin our Sunday morning service at 10:30am. As you come in the door you will find a bulletin as a guide for singing, prayers, and announcements during the service as well as literature to reflect on during the week. 

Our service formally begins at 10:30am. During this time, we sing several songs, offer prayers of praise and confession to God, hear Scripture read, and give our tithes and offerings.


Beginning at 6:30pm on Wednesday night, the adults gather in a classroom for a Bible study. 

This gathering tends to be more conversational, but it is still taught in a master-teacher setting.

The Youth Group meets upstairs in the Youth Room.