What to expect | children's ministry

Sunday Mornings (Sunday School)

We encourage anyone in pre-k to 6th grade to attend a Sunday School class that begins at 9:15am. Classes are co-ed and divided by grades. We are currently going through the Gospel Project, which is a study that aims at pointing every story in the Bible to the good news of Jesus Christ. 

Feel free to dress casual (jeans, t-shirt, polo, etc). 

Sunday Mornings (Worship)

Any child that is in 3rd grade or down is invited to attend Children's Church that begins after the Welcome of the worship service. Children will go to the sanctuary with all of the adults at first, and then during the service (after the 1st song) the children will be dismissed to follower one of the leaders into children's church. Parents/guardians are welcome to attend children's church, but we do recommend that you do not make it a continual practice (because we believe that the main gather will serve you better). After the service is over (around 11:45), parents/guardians can pick-up their children. During children's church, one of our leaders will teach a lesson that was created by the writers of the Gospel Project, which will reinforce what was previously learned in Sunday School. 

Sunday Nights

Pre-K - 6th grade attend the main gathering in the sanctuary with their parents/guardians. The nursery is available for toddlers and infants. Dress is casual. Feel free to bring coloring books or any other (noiseless/quite) activity for them to engage with since this time is aimed more towards adults. Please note there are consistently children of all ages in the sanctuary during this time and tend to enjoy it! 

Wednesday Nights

Children participate in Bible Drill, a program that teaches children how to navigate the Bible and its message. 

Songs with deep theological truths

for children!

We cannot recommend these songs enough! Enjoy. 

Soon we will have these songs available through our website, but for now you will have to follow this link and go through the process of downloading them yourself. Click Here to go to their website